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The AI chatbot will answer questions, guide users, and capture leads, so you can focus on what matters most - growing your business

  • No credit card required
  • Free forever plan
  • Human supervision
  • Ideal for businesses

How it works

Let our professionals setup and operate AI Chatbots that are important for your business

Setup and Tuning

Our AI Engineers configure your chatbot to meet your business needs perfectly.

Monitoring & Supervision

Continuous oversight ensures accurate and relevant responses from your chatbot.


Advanced AI model tuning for superior performance and cost-efficiency.


Revolutionizing the Web with AI Chatbots

Managed & Supervised Billing Plans

Our AI Engineers ensure your chatbot is perfectly configured and continuously monitored for accurate answers and cost-effective performance.

Beyond automation empowers you to offer personalized, interactive, and efficient experiences to your website visitors. Imagine a 24/7 assistant guiding customers answering questions, and even assisting with checkout - all on your website!

AI is here, and it's changing the game

From personalized shopping assistants to smarter websites, AI is transforming how we interact online. Small businesses can now leverage this technology with, an AI chatbot platform that revolutionizes the web.

The future is yours

With you can compete with big players offer experiences once reserved for large corporations Embrace the future of Al transform your website today!

AI Chatbot Pricing

Intelligent AI Assistant for your Website


No credit card required.

100 chat messages/month
  • OpenAI GPT3.5-Turbo model
  • Customize: Eg. Logo, Fonts, Colors
  • Secure, Scalable & Easy to Integrate
  • Live Phone & Email Support
Standard Popular

Ideal for growing businesses.

  • Latest OpenAI GPT-4o model
  • Customize: Eg. Logo, Fonts, Colors
  • Secure, Scalable & Easy to Integrate
  • Live Phone & Email Support
  • Unlimited chatbots

BONUS AI Contact Forms.


Professionally tuned and managed

  • Setup and tuning by our AI Engineers
  • Monitoring & Collaborative Supervision for accuracy
  • Advanced AI Model Tuning
  • Most cost-effective performance at scale

For custom solutions and higher message limits, please contact us.

How Does Token-Based Pricing Work?

Our system calculates usage based on tokens for each request and response. Tokens also cover crawling, training, and searching activities. However, for simplicity, we provide an approximate translation to the number of messages you can expect per month. You can track detailed budget usage using My Account page. The approximate number of messages is based on using the GPT-3.5 Turbo model. Different models consume tokens at varying rates and have different costs, which will impact the actual number of messages you can send and receive. If you choose more complex models, the number of messages you can send may be lower.

Want to operate your chatbots yourself?

With our Standard Plans, you can!

Create your own AI chatbot

No coding required. Build your chatbot with our intuitive interface.


Effortlessly set up your AI chatbot with our intuitive auto-configuration feature, streamlining the process.


Personalize your chatbot to align with your brand’s identity and website look.


Our chatbot is the most feature-rich on the market

OpenAI Models

Deploy cutting-edge AI models for unparalleled chat interactions.


Unique technology comprehensively learns websites, including page content and Word, PDF documents.

Security and GDPR Compliance

Features like data scrubbing and customizable retention periods ensure data privacy and compliance.

Localization and Auto-Translation

Automatically translates contact form inquiries to the user's preferred language.

Advanced Tuning Capability

Refine performance with additional knowledge bases, data sources, and manual instructions.

Appearance Customization

Modify chat size, colors, avatars, and more to ensure the chatbot aligns with your brand's aesthetics.

Involves Humans as Needed

Redirect chats to human representatives or email as needed ensuring seamless customer interactions.

One-Click Integration

Integrate EmbedGPT.Chat into your website effortlessly with a single click.

Test Before Integration

Experience and fine-tune your chatbot's performance before making it live on your website


Find answers to commonly asked questions about

EmbedGPT is a cutting-edge, AI-powered chat solution designed to transform your customer experience. By seamlessly integrating EmbedGPT into your website, you can offer 24/7 intelligent customer support and sales assistance at a fraction of the cost of human representatives. The service is particularly tuned for small business scenarios and can capture and route inquiries through a smart Contact Us form. It is able to use the information you already have available to answer questions accurately.

Getting started with is simple. Sign up on our website, select a Free Plan option or choose a pricing plan. Go to Account=>Configuration, provide your website URL, and click 'Auto - Confgiure'. 'Auto - Configure' operation takes about a minute. After it's complete, click 'Crawl Now'. After crawling is complete, feel free to try the demo chat available on the Configuration page. You can modify the AI agent instructions manually and provide additional guidance if needed in the 'Chat Agent Instructions' textbox. Once you're satisfied with the chat's performance, you can then integrate the chatbot into your website.

We offer a free plan, which allows you to explore all the features and capabilities of, and start using it on your website free of charge. No credit card is required for the free plan.

The plans are set up as monthly budgets that you can choose based on your expected usage. seamlessly integrates with WordPress through a dedicated plugin. Once the plugin is installed, you can easily configure the chatbot settings right from your WordPress dashboard. The plugin also allows for easy updates and maintenance

Security is a top priority for us. All data transmitted between your website and our servers is encrypted using industry-standard SSL/TLS. The chat data is stored securely on our servers for a limited period of time. Please see our Privacy Policy to understand our data handling policies

Our unique Smart Contact Us form is designed to streamline your customer interactions and inquiries. It captures the summary of the chat interaction and automatically routes it to the appropriate department or individual in your organization. This saves you time and ensures that inquiries are handled efficiently, whether they are related to sales, support, or general information.

Yes, has multilingual support. You can configure the chatbot to interact with your customers in multiple languages, making it ideal for businesses with a global customer base.

If encounters a question it can't answer, it's instructed to gracefully guide the user to alternative resources, such as your FAQ page or customer support email. You can also configure it to escalate such queries to a human representative via Chat to Email (Contact Us button). is versatile and can benefit a wide range of businesses including retail, education, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, and many more. Any business looking to enhance customer experience, provide 24/7 support, and streamline sales and inquiries can gain value from

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